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WTF 5.10c; unrelatedly, earth moving
i apparently climbed a 5.10c last night. WTF.

also, we felt an earthquake that happened near Mineral, Virginia. unsurprisingly, we don't often feel earthquakes in Boston, but apparently the age and continuity of the bedrock on the eastern coast of the U.S. means it transmits earthquake energy quite far.

there was some trench-digging kind of construction work going on outside my office building. when the shaking started, i thought it was the construction: i looked out the window to see the arm of the backhoe shaking from side to side. after brief bewilderment at what sort of earth moving operation would need that kind of odd motion (and why they needed to do it with enough force to shake the building) i went back to work, only to hear a few minutes later that yes, there was indeed an earthquake. the arm of the backhoe was probably not shaking from side to side under the control of its operator, but due to a quite different sort of earth moving.


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