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not on fire, thankfully
picked up the Bandit from the shop today. the work included welding a rattling exhaust header, etching/sealing the fuel tank, and replacing the inline fuel filter. there was a strong odor of gasoline when they started it up. i figured it was just a rich mixture from the carbs being sticky from sitting around a long time.

i rode it to campus, with an intermittent strong odor of gasoline, even after the engine warmed up. i probably should have pulled over to do a detailed second inspection sooner. in the parking lot on campus, i let it idle while inspecting the fuel line. i saw a steady trickle leaking from the brand new inline fuel filter, dripping onto the ignition wires and the hot valve cover.

keep calm and shut it the fuck down.

i'm very grateful that it did not catch on fire. when i called the shop back, they asked me if i could ride it back there. i barely suppressed yelling something like "are you fucking kidding me?!?" at them. to their credit, they diverted one of their tow trucks to pick up the bike in less than half an hour.

i am still very disappointed by this.

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Not on fire is good.


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