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recently, a hobby project reached that threshold of complexity where checking it into version control was the obviously right thing to do.

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I'd be interested in hearing about what you chose to do. I'm in the same boat.

i split a rather large Arduino sketch file into multiple .c and .h files, started using emacs as an external editor (which i find more comfortable than the Arduino IDE), and checked stuff into Git. (Git is currently my default version control system for anything that is bigger than one or two files or that i might ever want to work on with anyone else.) still use the Arduino IDE to compile and upload, though.

Makes sense. I'm doing much the same, tho' I've been using kate and so far I'm just updating my latest to a google page I made. Git would be a good idea. Thus far my arduino stuff is'nt anywhere nearly as complex as yours, but I do a _lot_ of versions and getting control of them would be nice.

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