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things i would like to hate because they're too damned trendy...
but have unfortunately found to be useful -- partial list:

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It seems to me that Arduino is trendy the way cars were trendy in 1910 -- not because they're a fad but because they're useful. I may of course be wrong. But hoo boy are they useful.

Man. I love the theory of git. The practice is a long, drawn-out exercise in repeatedly blowing off your head with a bazooka until you finally figure out that the safety requires two hands to operate, there are three ways to load the rocket but only one that won't jam, and the arrow on the "this end toward enemy" decal is pointed in the wrong direction. Oh, and the manual is translated from Finnish into English by someone who spoke neither language fluently.

I hear rumors that Mercurial is similarly-featured while being a little less actively user-hostile, but now that I've actually spent the time figuring out just enough of git to be moderately useful in it, I am seriously thinking that I am done with spending time learning new SCMs.

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